Create an osmnx Python environment

The steps below will walk you through setting up a virtual environment that contains osmnx

1. Open a Terminal

If you're not already logged in, follow the steps found here. In the upper-right corner, click the New button and select Terminal.

2. Create osmnx environment

Run the following commands one-by-one in the Terminal. This will create a new virtual environment named osmnx, install necessary packages, and create a kernel for using the environment in Jupyter.

conda create -n osmnx python=3
source activate osmnx
conda install geopandas
pip install osmnx
conda install ipykernel
python -m ipykernel install --user --name osmnx --display-name osmnx

3. Open a notebook with the kernel

Navigate back to the Home tab. Make sure to first refresh the page. Next, click the New button and select the osmnx kernel.

4. Import and run osmnx

You can now import and run osmnx.