SFTP via Terminal

The steps below will walk you through transferring files using the sftp command in Terminal.

1. Open a Terminal

On your local machine, open a Terminal session. Navigate to the directory where the file(s) you want to transfer are located.

2. Connect to the server

Enter the following command to establish an sftp connection with the server.

sftp grahamhenke@sftp.cusp.adrf.cloud

Enter your password when prompted.

Note: You need to use your own Username/NetID. grahamhenke is used here only as an example.

3. Use 'put' to transfer files

You will see an sftp> prompt. Use the put command to transfer files. For example, if you have a file named analysis.ipynb, you can transfer this by running the following command.

put analysis.ipynb

Reminder: You need to make the sftp connection from the directory on your local machine where the file exists.

4. Disconnect from the server

Once you are finished, type bye at the sftp> prompt and press return. The image below shows all of the steps executed in succession from the Terminal.