CUSP ADRF Rules of Behavior

The CUSP Applied Data Research Facility (CUSP ADRF) computing environment is provided by the Center for Urban Science and Progress (“CUSP”), a Center at New York University (“NYU”). These Terms of Use set out the conditions and rules of behaviour of your use of the CUSP ADRF (the “Service”) and form a binding agreement between you and NYU. Please read these Terms of Use carefully. If you do not assent to them, you are not authorized to use the Service.

  • Your access to systems and networks owned by NYU is governed by, and subject to, all Federal laws and NYU policies. Your access to the CUSP ADRF system constitutes your consent to the retrieval and disclosure of the information within the scope of your authorized access, subject to the Privacy Act, and applicable State and Federal laws.
  • The system is only to be used for class projects or work related to your role as CUSP student. You cannot use the CUSP ADRF system for commercial purposes.
  • You must not retrieve information, or in any other way disclose information, for someone who does not have authority to access that information.
  • The CUSP ADRF system is built to host non-restricted data and publicly available data (classified as green data) only. Data that contains directly and indirectly identifiable information should not be uploaded to the system.
  • All Data Users must complete CUSP Data Facility “Privacy & Confidentiality” and “Responsible Data Use” training.
  • Data Users agree that Data Facility Staff can monitor their activities, including their working materials.
  • Publications must include appropriate acknowledgement of the CUSP ADRF (for example: “This work was enabled, in part, using resources provided by the CUSP ADRF.”) and the necessary dataset citations.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of your authentication credentials such as your password. Do not reveal your authentication credentials to anyone; a NYU employee should never ask you to reveal them.
  • Follow proper logon/logoff procedures. You must manually logon to your session. You must promptly logoff when session access is no longer needed. If a logoff function is unavailable, you must close your browser.
  • Never leave your computer unattended while logged into the system.
  • Data Users promise to refrain from any act intended or likely to re-identify individual statistical entries in the data.
  • Those who violate these terms will be removed from their active research projects.
  • Any breaches of this terms of use may result in immediate termination of CUSP ADRF access.
  • Those who violate of the terms of this agreement may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension or expulsion from the University.


I have read the above Terms of Use of CUSP ADRF. By submitting the form below, I acknowledge and agree that my access to the CUSP ADRF platform is covered by, and subject to, such Rules.