The CUSP ADRF has been developed to be a dedicated resource for CUSP students and teaching faculty for use in their coursework and Capstone projects. We've focused on making the experience of working in this new computing environment as seamless as possible.

Ease of Access

Access the environment straight away in a web browser without the need for VPN clients or SSH tunnels.

Core Tools

The CUSP ADRF provides the essentials for your analysis such as JupyterHub, Postgres, command line, and SFTP.


We support virtual environments so that you may customize your environment and install the packages and libraries you need.


The CUSP ADRF offers the most useful tools for your workflow. We provide both JupyterHub and JupyterLab which can be used for working with traditional notebooks, a text editor, or from command line. More tools will be coming soon.


We invite you to explore our documentation. We've put together guided walkthroughs that will help you learn how to use all of the features the CUSP ADRF.

Rules of Behavior

Before using the CUSP ADRF for your computing needs, we ask that you agree to and sign the Rules of Behavior form.


For questions, comments, or technical support, please contact us by using the support widget in the bottom-right corner or emailing cusp-adrf-support@nyu.edu.